Best Fat Burners for Women: Updated Review 2022

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Anyone who wants to undergo weight loss knows this.

There is no magic pill that can make you lose weight in a snap.

Pharmaceutical companies have not come up with a pill that will dissolve the excess fat and miraculously shed your unwanted pounds unless you put in any effort other than swallowing diet pills religiously each day.

There are supplements; however, that can target the fats, and through its thermogenic effects, it serves as an aid in burning fats if combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Women, in particular, have a different metabolism from men and they tend to lose weight slower than men do.

In this article, we have rounded up the best fat burners for women based on their reviews.

Just a simple reminder before buying the fat burner of your choice, make sure that you consult with your physician and that no supplement can replace a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular exercise when it came to losing weight.

best fat burners for women

What is a fat burner?

Fat burner is the term used in describing a nutrition supplement that claims to intensely increase the metabolism of fats in the body and increase the amount of energy that the body spent.

In addition, fat burner also impairs the body’s ability for fat absorption and increase the oxidation of fat during exercise. All these effects of fat burner have only one goal, to promote weight loss.

Most of these fat burners have an ingredient that has its mechanism of burning fats, and when combined, the additive effects of these ingredients will make the pill more effective.

The most common components of fat burners include caffeine, conjugated linoleic acid, forskolin, green tea, among others.

It is said that fat burners help in losing weight by promoting thermogenesis.

This term pertains to the metabolic process inside the body that burns calories to produce heat.

Many factors induce this process like environmental temperature, diet, and exercise.

It can encourage weight loss because it will increase the amount of calories burned by the body.

Thermogenesis alone will not make you lose weight it should be coupled with a low-calorie diet and exercise.

Although many people are skeptical about fat burners, they will work if you know how to use them.

Do not think of them as a magic pill.

Fat burners can help you lose the fat inside the body by it requires more effort from you than merely swallowing them.

5 Best Fat Burners for Women

1. PhenQphenq fat burner

With so many choices for fat burners out there, it is challenging to get the right fat burning supplement.

One of these products claiming to be an all-around solution to weight loss is PhenQ.

This nutritional supplement contains different ingredients that can regulate appetite while promoting fat burning and raising the energy levels of the body.

As a fat burner, it can boost metabolism to burn unwanted fats.

Regularly taking PhenQ will help you maintain your weight, and unlike other fat burners, it contributes to the wellbeing by delivering the essential nutrients that the body needs promoting overall wellness.

PhenQ works in five ways first is by promoting thermogenesis to accelerate the fat-burning activity, second is by preventing the storage of fat.

Then, it also acts as an appetite suppressant and boosts the energy levels preventing crashes.

Finally, it lastly it is also a mood booster preventing crankiness while dieting.

The formulation of PhenQ was made in a way that the ingredients will make your body healthily lose weight, unlike other diet supplements.

By boosting metabolism, your body metabolism will speed up leading to massive fat burning and at the same time suppress your appetite.

The official site for PhenQ has listed the following ingredients and their contribution to the supplement: Capsimax powder, Calcium Carbonate, Chromium picolinate, Caffeine, Nopal, L-Carnitine Fumarate, Alpha-Lacys Reset (a patented compound) that makes the body sweat excessively.


  • Increases energy levels
  • Enhances burning of fats
  • Promotes natural weight loss
  • Supports positive mood while dieting


  • The product is only available on its site
  • Not recommended for caffeine sensitive individuals


2. Forskolin 250forskolin 250 diet supplement

Known as one of the top fat burners for women owing to its manufacturer’s reputation in the sports, weight loss and nutritional industry, Bauer Nutrition.

Compared to other weight loss supplement, this product does not contain caffeine or other stimulants but instead contain only one ingredient, Forskolin in its highest strength.

The herb where Forskolin is extracted, Coleus forskohlii and the pill itself has undergone the various test and clinical studies to prove its claim and true enough; it possesses slimming power.

This weight loss pill works because the compound triggers the production of cAMP, the trigger that catalyzes the increase of fat burning enzyme call hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL).

This is the enzyme responsible for losing adipose tissue in the body and gaining bone density.

In addition to the production of the cAMP, Forskolin also enhances the production of serum-free testosterone, which in male accelerate the metabolism.

It leads to more muscle mass and further slimming.

Forskolin 250 is a stimulant-free fat burner and is made of all-natural ingredients without any filler, additives and other harmful ingredients.

This product also has the purest form of Forskolin with only two capsules you will have 250 mg of the compound as compared to other brands with just half as much.

Apart from the massive amount of Forskolin, it also contains magnesium stearate, HPMC capsule cell, and silicon dioxide.


  • No artificial compound or hormones
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Enhanced the release of free testosterone
  • Safe and proven effective


  • It may interfere in the action of some medicines
  • The product is not available in the regular retail store


3. Phen24phen24 fat burner

Another product that offers the best thermogenic for women is Phen24.

Its most significant selling point is that it works around the clock that means; there are no counteracting effects like most slimming pills.

You might be a bit skeptical too but to know if this is true, we need to understand the product.

This pill has round the clock effectiveness, which attributes to its faster weight loss results.

According to the site, the results will be visible after two months of use.

Too much promised. Let us check the ingredients that made up Phen24.

Unlike other slimming pills, it comes in two formulations, 30 pills for daytime and 60 pills for nighttime.

When you begin the slimming protocol, you will not have to worry about the boomerang effect like some other diet pills where you will have hunger pangs at night.

It increases metabolism and provides high energy levels for a higher rate of fat burning even at night.

Each of the ingredients in this product is carefully chosen to make sure that you get only the best benefit.

Its Glucomannan content will make you feel full longer and eliminates the need for snacks between meals. It also has energizing ingredients that will keep you on high energy levels to avoid crashing.

The day pill contains the following ingredients: cayenne powder, guarana extract, caffeine, iodine, manganese, zinc citrate, copper sulfate, and phenylalanine.

When this day pill is taken at the beginning of the day, it can last the whole day.

The night pill, on the other hand, contains Glucomannan, Biotin, Thiamine, pantothenic acid, pyridoxine HCl, Vitamin C, Griffonia extract, Green tea extract, Sodium molybdate, chromium picolinate, and Hops extract.


  • 24-hour action
  • Comes in two formulations for the protocol
  • More comfortable to diet with the absence of craving
  • No boomerang effects on weight loss during downtime


  • Comes with restrictions for pregnant women and diabetics
  • It will make you gain muscle mass but will help you in your fitness goals


4. Proactol XSproactol xs fat binder

Many people are saying that Proactol XS is one of the best weight loss supplement for women in the market today.

This fat burning supplement has proven many critics wrong as it can help a person achieve about 10-15 pounds’ weight loss in one month when combined with exercising and diet.

There is no magic ingredient in this diet pill, and there are no complexities in its ingredients.

It also has a straightforward protocol; you only need to take two of these pills before meals.

The most active ingredient of this fat burning supplement is Chitosan, and each pill contains about 500 mg.

This ingredient takes the form of soluble fiber in the stomach and breaks down the dietary fats present in the food.

As a result, it will form a gel-like product, which is a combination of fats, and bile acid, which is eliminated by the body through excretion. As a result, the body absorbs none of the fats from the food.

Other known ingredients in this diet supplement include magnesium stearate, hypromellose, silica, and titanium oxide.

This is an excellent fat burning supplement because it increases the fat burning activities of the body that leads to weight loss it suppresses hunger and appetite and boosts the energy levels of the body.

With an elevated amount of endorphins in the body, it can improve your mood and overall health.


  • Help control appetite
  • Promotes a feeling of satiety and happy moods
  • Increases absorption of nutrients
  • Contributes to less need for carb eating


  • Slightly expensive compared to other supplements but effective
  • Not recommended for people with digestion problems


5. Phen375phen375 fat burner

When this product was introduced as the best weight loss supplement for women, many people are skeptical of its claim that on top of being a top fat burner it can also help people feel positive about themselves and can carry out even vigorous exercise.

With its multi-effect claim, we need to scrutinize Phen375.

One of the most significant advantages of this product is its accessibility.

It can be bought without a prescription, and the based ingredient is Phentermine whose effects remained contested.

The reason is that of its assertions that it can turn fat into energy, correct the body’s metabolism and diminish hunger.

According to its manufacturer, the reason why this fat burner is useful is that it has combined all the natural ingredients.

When you look at them, these are, the same ingredients present in many other weight loss supplements. What Phen375 did was combine them in one formulation to work together and enhance its potency.

It contains L-Carnitine an amino acid that breaks down fats and burns calories. Capsaicin improves blood flow while Dimethyl-Pentylamine prevents storage of fats. Trimexthylxanthine is the ingredient that suppresses hunger and control food cravings.

In addition, its caffeine content contains hunger because it can trick the brain that the stomach is full. Just like any fat burner, the supplement is only a trigger the weight loss and should be combined smart dieting and physical activity.


  • Affordable and accessible
  • Promotes metabolism and fat burning
  • Suppresses hunger
  • No prescription required


  • Not safe for patients with high blood pressure
  • Not advisable for patients with a kidney problem


Benefits of Using Fat Burners for Women:women weight loss fat burner

When the pressure is on to lose weight fast, shakes and other remedies may not be as helpful as a weight loss supplement.

Quite often, the results are too slow that people are abandoning them even of the results are just a few weeks away.

Good thing there are fat burners, which are the easiest way to lose weight.

Aside from the fat-burning, there are also other benefits that using a fat burner can give to the body.

  • Hunger

When you are using fat burning supplements, not all of them are there to burn our fat.

There are different mechanisms too all in the name of getting the body you always wanted.

The best thermogenic for women can help speed up metabolism and consequently, improve the body shed to burn more fat.

Other supplements work indirectly in a way that it stops your craving for food and stop you from getting fat. In this case, the fat burner serves to prevent your appetite.

When you have a quiet stomach, it is so much better to go through the day.

  • Energy Levels

It is a known fact that when you are on a hypocaloric diet, your energy level is the first one to suffer.

This is because when you have less fuel, your body can have less energy on the muscles.

There are many ingredients in fat burners like caffeine that helps to increase the energy levels without plying the body with so many calories.

If you have more energy, then you will have better workouts, and you will have a chance to get that physique you always want.

  • Improve Concentration

In some individuals who are using fat burners, they noticed an improved concentration.

Although this is not directly related to burning fats, if what you are thinking is only about your diet, exercise plan and all, it hard to focus on anything else.

A fat burner can help keep your concentration levels, maintain your focus and complete other mentally stimulating tasks.

  • Improve Overall Health

There are fat burners with ingredients that promote overall improvement on the well-being and help improve overall health.

What Is Needed Along Using Fat Burner?

As what we have mentioned earlier, fat burners are not miracle pills; if you do not see results after taking them, there might be something that is missing in your protocol.

Although these supplements can help you lose fat, they will not work unless there is an equivalent change in your lifestyle.

The first step is to get on with your fitness program.

A high-quality fat burner can make your weight loss journey more comfortable, but it is critical that you enter into a well-designed fitness program.

When you find a solid fitness plan, religiously follow it.

You need to have a diet to support too, and this is important.

Because fat burners promote thermogenesis, it has not all right to eat high-calorie foods.

The next step is to eat enough protein to help build your muscle mass.

This is a rule in bodybuilding and in weight loss too. Most fat loss pill can reduce your appetite, but your protein intake should not suffer. What you need to cut back are carbs and fats.

It is also important to note the proper timing on when to take in your supplement since their job is to give energy why suppressing your appetite, there are strategic times wherein you can get the most out of them.

Since fat burning supplements can elevate your metabolism, you need to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration and slow metabolism.

Sleep is critical during weight loss too because it is necessary for repair, hormonal balance, and recovery.

The recommended amount of sleep is 8 hours every night.

If you are in a state of sleep deprivation, you will have an increase in blood cortisol and a decrease in testosterone. It will hinder muscle gain and weight loss.


Fat burners can be a magical pill that will help you lose weight if you combine them with the right workout and a balanced diet.

It can enhance the body’s metabolism rate, leading to burning if body fats and resulting in a healthy weight loss.

With many misconceptions about them, it is essential to get the facts straight before going into the protocol.

It is also important to note that results are not the same for all and each of the fat burners have different formulations and ingredients, be sure to check them out carefully.

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