Proactol XS Review – How Effective This Product Is?

Proactol XS is a weight loss and fat-binder supplement manufactured by Bauer Nutrition.

Past users believe that this product is a natural, powerful, and safe weight loss pill that can help lower your fat intake and control your food cravings.

Bauer Nutrition claims that they have scientific studies that will support their product. But, still, there is a controversy that surrounds whether or not Proactol XS works.

It is not clear if the product can help lose weight and control food cravings.

So, further research was conducted to prove the company’s claim and investigated the effectiveness of Proactol XS.

This article is written to show you how effective this product is and what you can do to take advantage of the many benefits of Proactol.

What is Proactol XS?proactol xs fat binder

The primary purpose of why this product was formulated is to serve as a fat binder.

It is not recommended for those who want to lose weight and increase their energy level. The supplement only limits the absorption of fat in the body.

Proactol XS is doing it safely and effectively. It is available in the form of a pill, which can be consumed easily during or before the meal.

Each time the food enters our body, the supplement forms a gel and binds with the fat from the menu. And because of this, the fat gets eliminated in our body along with the gel.

The supplement is made of 100% natural ingredients, which help increase the elimination of fecal fat from the body.

You will feel satiated, which helps reduce your cravings. Proactol XS will help you lose weight and, at the same time, maintain your desired weight.

Proactol XS Benefits

Some of the valuable benefits of this product include:

  • A safe and effective way of losing weight. It contains Chitosan that is known to be very useful in absorbing and binding fat. The substance will produce a gel-like material once it enters your system. The gel-like thing will bind to the fat and cholesterol from the food you consumed. Then, it will be released from the body unprocessed.
  • It controls your appetite. Proactol XS does not act only as a fat binder but also a supplement that will help people manage their cravings and limit their food consumption. The supplement influences your mood and makes you feel full.
  • It also improves how the digestive system functions. The Proactol XS increases the absorption of nutritious compounds. Once the body gets all the nutrients it needs, your mood and overall health will improve.
  • It helps you achieve your desired body. Since this product will bind only on fat and not on muscles, it will improve your fat to muscle ratio. And with the help of some exercise, your lean muscles will start to show and increases more as you continue using the supplement. As you start losing fat on your waistline, it also makes your body shape better.
  • Since the Proactol XS contain the only natural ingredient, it gives the people peace of mind. No need to worry about your health while using the supplement. As compared to other supplements used in losing weight, the supplement has been tested clinically and helps in losing weight. This will assure you that you are not wasting your time and money.
  • Some weight-loss products promise to provide the result the users want, but scientific studies did not support those promises. Most of these supplements contain chemicals and additives that can lead to unpleasant side effects that could put your health at risk.
  • Many weight loss supplements are untested and unregulated, and this is not the case with Proactol XS as it is CE approved. Doctors also recommend that product to their patients.

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What Does Proactol XS Do?

The product is formulated to help lose weight, and it is known for its quick, effective, and safe process in eliminating body fats. The supplement will do more, aside from helping your body to lose weight.

It can help you maintain your desired weight once you achieve it. The supplement contains only natural ingredients. Therefore it is safe for your body and health.

Aside from burning fat, it can also help you suppress your appetite and deal with emotional eating.

The supplement influences your mood and makes you feel full to make this happen.  It will be beneficial to you in the future as you will crave only for less food and fewer calories.

Proactol XS improves how your digestive system functions.

It does so by improving how the absorption of nutrients in the bowels. Boosting the absorption can reduce your cravings for carbs, which will result in low consumption of nutrients.

Proactol XS helps you meet your goals, build muscles, and achieve a healthy physique faster and helps you lose weight safely.

How does Proactol XS work?

The type of fibers the body can digest is extracted from the cactus Opuntia. It helps the body to lose weight by restricting the body’s ability to absorb fat and lowers your appetite.

Insoluble fibers are hard to digest material found in vegetables. This substance helps in passing the food and waste into the bowels. It keeps your bowel movements regular and healthy.

Since it is insoluble, the digestive system cannot process it, so it is eliminated in the body unchanged. This is what makes this supplement an amazing fat binder.

Once the fat gets into the bowels, your body releases an enzyme known as Lipase. It is released in the small intestines. The enzyme dissolves fat into smaller molecules.

The molecules are processed further and converted into glycerol and fatty acids. It is ideal for weight loss as glycerol and fatty acids are much easier to process and digest.

How the supplement works in the body is safe. Since the supplement works on the food you consume, it becomes very reliable. It does not control the hormones in the brain, which most of the prescription drugs for weight loss do.

Experts know a lot about the brain, but there are some that they don’t. It is not good that a substance messes with the hormones in the brain, not unless the doctor says you needed it.

The soluble fiber this supplement contains transforms into a sticky liquid in the body. The sticky liquid limits the body’s capability to absorb glucose. Because of this, the body reduces food craving by makes you feel full.

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Proactol XS Results

Proactol XS contains fibers that the body can digest easily. Cactus Opuntia is the source of the fibers, and it is the one responsible for weight loss.

It was mentioned earlier that the supplement inhibits the absorption of fat and reduces your desire to eat.proactol results

As mentioned, the supplement contains the two types of fibers the soluble and insoluble fibers.

The insoluble fibers are hard to digest. They played a vital role by helping the food pass and eliminated into the bowel.

The insoluble fibers bind with fat and are eliminated in the body unchanged without getting absorbed in the bloodstream.

Once the food that contains fat enters the body, it will try to digest fat with the help of the lipase enzyme.

The lipase breaks down the fat molecules into tiny particles.

These particles are then further digested into glycerol and fatty acids.

This is a vital step as glycerol and fatty acids are easy to digest in the body, thus helps in the weight loss process.

The soluble fiber is the one responsible for why your craving for food is reduced.

Once the soluble fiber is converted into a viscous liquid, it limits the body’s glucose absorption and makes you feel satiated. It is very effective to prevent weight gain as you will eat less.

Proactol XS provides all the results mentioned safely, and it does not interfere with your hormones, which makes it an ideal product to use to help you lose weight.

Proactol XS Ingredients

This weight loss product is made of natural ingredients clinically tested and approved. One interesting fact that you need to know is that Proactol does not contain cholesterol, preservatives, and gluten or milk protein.

The following are the main ingredients of this supplement:

It is a natural fiber that is essential for people who want to cut on fat because it makes you feel full after a meal. Also, this ingredient can absorb fat that is present in the food you eat. A study done by the University of Auckland supports the addition of Chitosan in weight loss products. Proactol XS pill contains 500mg of Chitosan fiber.

This ingredient is extracted from natural vegetable oils. It serves as a filler in manufacturing the supplement. Magnesium Stearate is helpful in the production of HDL, which is good cholesterol.

  • Hypromellose

It is also known as HPMC. This substance is a soluble ingredient that affects insulin resistance in your body. This is essential as it helps the body lowers the blood sugar level. This soluble fiber does not reduce your weight, but it helps in regulating any deviations in your metabolism.

The silica in the pill can control the appetite. Having the right level of silica in your blood can help lower the amount of food you consume every day. This will prevent eating too much and fat gain.

Aside from the above ingredients, it also contains the following ingredients:

  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Aspergillus Niger Mycelium

Proactol XS Side effects

Proactol XS manufacturer claims that it is clinically tried and tested. Regular intake of the supplement provides positive results and does not provide serious adverse effects on your health as well as on your total well-being.

You may experience mild side effects, but it depends on the person. Bloating and gas are the most common side effects one will experience. This is a normal occurrence if you increase your intake of insoluble fibers.

The Magnesium stearate content of Proactol XS is associated with a disturbing side effect. A study claims that this ingredient affects the rate of dissolution and the absorption of the tablets ingested. Those who are taking medication should be careful about using the product.

Pregnant women and children below 12 years of age are not advised to take the supplement. You must consult your doctor first if you have any inquiries about the supplement and should be advised of the dilemma about using Proactol XS.


Before going out to buy Proactol XS, you need to have some idea about the product. This supplement is a great weight loss product for several reasons, some of which were mentioned above.

Keep in mind this is not a magic pill, so don’t expect that you will get an instant result. You need to combine the pills with a proper diet and exercise to help achieve your goals.

Another important thing worth mentioning is that it is an effective supplement backed with clinical studies.

The product is manufactured by a company that is known to have a good reputation and history. This is an excellent thing to consider if you are buying something that will affect your health.

Again it is worth stressing that this product is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Because of this, you can be assured that you will not experience any significant side effects. For that reason, it is safe for your body. However, it is still best to consult your physician first before using the product.

Getting lots of fat through food intake is essential. Some people think that to lose the extra weight, they restrict their food intake, particularly their fat intake.

But if you do not eat the right food that contains the needed kind of fats, it can affect your health.

Proactol XS can help to keep your fat consumption at the right level, and at the same time, enjoy the food you want to eat without feeling guilty.

So, if you want to lose weight in the safest and effective way without restricting your food intake, the Proactol XS will benefit you a lot.

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