How to Lose 30 Pounds In 12 Weeks Explained

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Planning to lose 30 pounds diet and just do not know what to do?

Or you are trying to lose 30 pounds, and things just do not work out for you.

Well, I’m here, and I will give you some things that can help you in losing 30 pounds while also teaching you the mistakes that you should be aware of. So let us get onto, shall we?

Losing Weight Safely

Losing at least 30 pounds is very challenging and also consumes so much time.

You won’t only have to make adjustments to your diet and your lifestyle but also being careful in modifying the sleep that you should have, your level of stress, and also your eating habits.

Though, even just little change to the daily routine that you stick to can still help you lose about 30 pounds and can also improve your health.

I’ll be giving some strategies to get rid of that 30 pounds but in a safe way. So let’s go!

lose 30 pounds 12 weeks

Modifications on Dietary

It is essential to make some little dietary changes if you want to lose 5 or maybe even 30 pounds.

Decreasing Calorie Intake

Consuming fewer calories than what you consume on a daily basis is one of the main keys to losing weight.

Foods that we enjoy like baked goods, the potato chips that we keep buying, and the frozen meals from the grocery store have a lot of calories in them though they do not have the nutrients that are important like, the vitamins, protein, minerals, and fiber.

Eating food that doesn’t carry to many calories while also having the nutrients needed will keep that feeling of being full.

However, they should also help you in reducing the calories that you take daily so that it can promote losing weight.

If you want to know what food you can eat in a less calorie diet, they are veggies, fruits, little bits of meat, seafood mainly fish, and many more.

Be aware that you should not cut the calories that you consume in a really low number.

There are many factors that the calories we need are based at, for example, our height, our gender, the weight that we have, and the level of activity that we do, so be careful because not getting the right amount of calories can make your metabolism slows down and it will make losing weight more hard.

You can try to reduce the calories that you take by 500 to maybe 750 calories a day.

Though it is still generally very recommended that we men and women should consume calories abut 1, 5000 every day.

Processed Foods Should Be Cut Back

The processed foods like fast food, and instant noodles, and as I told you, potato chips have very high calories and do not have the right amount of nutrients that are important.

A study says 16,000 adults, who consume a lot of processed food were all tied to a very high risk of having excess to body weight, most of them were women.

Fizzy drinks or soft drinks have a lot of sugar in them, and it also contributes to gaining weight.

There are many studies that have confirmed drinking too of the sugar-sweetened drinks is also linked to developing obesity and gaining weight.

If you want to have good results, do cut back from these kinds of beverages and try drinking the right amount of water, normal coffee, maybe even tea.

How About More Protein?

Remember that when you are on a diet, more protein is one of the simplest strategies in helping to fasten you losing weight.

If you consume high protein for breakfast, it can lessen the ghrelin levels. But what is ghrelin?

Are you wondering what ghrelin is? It is the hormone that stimulates feelings of that hunger, and you won’t be wanting to eat so many carbs for breakfast.

Eating fish, poultry, and even meat have very high protein, it’ll be easy to incorporate them to a very healthy diet for losing weight. You can also consume other foods like dairy, eggs, and even tofu.

Go for Fiber!

This is a nutrient that is only found in plant foods. Your body can’t digest any fiber.

There are many types of fibers though there is one, in particular, we call it soluble fiber.

It is from a plant food that absorbs any liquid, and it can reduce the feeling of not being full.

The levels of your blood sugar can be stabilized with this fiber, preventing any spikes and even crashes that may lead to hunger being increased.

Drink Water

Consuming water is a very quick and also convenient strategy in boosting your weight loss.

If you drink water before every meal, it can lessen your intake for calories, which increases the loss of weight.

Changes in Your Lifestyle

Now, you can’t just make changes to your diet plan. Making little modifications to the lifestyle that you have can also be something that can help you in losing weight.

Cardio for Routine

The word cardio is also called aerobic exercises. It is a physical activity that can increase the rate of your heart so that it can demolish the extra calories.

It is essential to put some cardio exercises into your daily routine if you want to get rid of 30 pounds.

People who have been doing cardio for just 5 time every week loses to about 11. 5 pounds in ten months, and what can surprise you is that they didn’t need to change anything to their daily routine and also their diet plan. 20 to maybe 40 minutes of doing cardio every day of the week can be good.

Examples of cardio exercises are jogging, going for a hike, riding your bike, and just walking, there are many more, but these are the ones that I think you can enjoy.

If you are just starting, do things in a slow manner, goals that are set should be realistic, the frequency and the intensity of these workouts should be increased day by day so that you don’t overdo it.

lose 30 pounds diet

Try Out Resistance Training

This is a kind of exercise in which resistance is used in contracting all the muscle from you and builds up strength and also endurance.

Training resistance can benefit the body mass by being increased, and the calories which we burn during rest are boosted and makes it easier to lose weight.

The weight machines that we use are different types of what we call resistance training, which can be a very good benefit in losing weight and for your health. Want to know some examples?

They include lifting weight, and exercises for bodyweight include push-ups, and squats, and crunches, and so much more.

You should consider getting a personal trainer if you do not have any experience in training resistance, this can ensure that you are doing the technique properly and the equipment that you are using is safe that there will not be any injuries.

Are you one a diet, but you don’t feel like you’re losing any weight? maybe it is because you are doing something wrong.

If you have not yet gone on a diet and just recently decided to go on one, the first thing that you should stop thinking about is dieting.

I know it’s confusing, but try to take a closer look at the habits that you do every day. They might be the reason why your gaining weight.

Your Race to The Finish

When you finish, your meals rewards aren’t needed just because you held a record, well unless you are in an eating competition.

The always occupied schedules of ours lead to a very unhealthy way of eating.

Remember that eating is very important, and they are what keeps us alive and healthy. So always eat properly.

We Skip Our Meals

Did you know that people who skip breakfast weigh much more than people who eat breakfast?

There’s a misapprehension that skipping any meal of the day can save you from calories.

Most of the people who do not eat that much in meals usually are the ones who eat more calories every day.

The Scale Weight Is All You See

It is very normal to have that feeling that you are not losing any weight fast, even when you are sticking to the diet that you put yourself into.

There are many things that influence our weight, such as the fluctuations of fluid and the amount of food that stays inside your system.

Your weight can actually change by 4 lbs by the end of the day; it all depends on the amount of liquid and food that you have consumed.

The weighing scale can reflect the increasing level of estrogen and changes in the hormones of women. This can bring water retention.

The scale’s number isn’t moving? There is a high chance that you may be losing some fat but still holding to water. There are a lot of things that you can do to lose some water weight.

Working out results in gaining more muscles, and fat is lesser. Your clothes will feel like they are too big for your body even if the scale weight is stable.

A way that can help you find out if you really are losing weight is by taking a measuring tape and measure your waist and take monthly photos of yourself.

Either You Don’t Exercise, or You Exercise Too Much

When losing weight, you also lose the muscle mass that you have along with your fat. The lost amount is being dependent to some factors.

Not exercising while you are restricting yourself from calories, you will lose muscle mass more and will experience a lesser rate in your metabolism.

If you exercise, it will help by minimizing the amount of lean mass that you lose, the fat loss will be boosted, and your metabolism will not slow down.

It will be much easier losing weight and maintaining that weight if you have lean mass.

Though they do not exercise too much because they can also be a cause of problems, a lot of exercises can be unsustainable during the long term for many people, and it can cause you stress.

Forcing your fragile body to exercise because you want to lose some calories will not be effective or even a healthy thing to do.

Though if you want to have a sustainable exercise that can maintain the rate of your metabolism when you are losing weight, you can go lift the weight and maybe do cardio exercises, as I told you before.

lose 30 pounds exercises

When You Have Unrealistic Expectations

You’ll be kept motivated when your goals are related to health or just simply wanting to lose weight.

Though when you have expectations that are unrealistic because they can work in a way that is against you.

You should adjust the expectations you have to a more realistic and a more modest goal, like dropping your weight by 10 percent in a single year.

Doing this, you will not be discouraged, and your chances of succeeding will improve.

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You Do Not Track the Food You Eat

If you want to lose weight consuming more nutritious food is a good strategy.

Though you probably still consume a lot of calories than what you really need in losing weight.

You may also not be giving yourself the amount of fiber, protein, fat, and carbs that you need.

You should track what you consume because you can receive an accurate image of the nutrients and calories that you consume; it will also provide accountability.

I hope that I have given you the knowledge that you are looking for in losing 30 pounds.

May the information mentioned in this article can really help you and keep you safe from any harm in your health and your physical body.

Thank you very much for reading this article, and now you can start losing 30 pounds safely!

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