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Last Updated on September 3, 2022

We have all added extra weight at one point in our lives. For most people shedding that weight can be a bit tedious.

Well, that shouldn’t be the case anymore, Crazy bulk is the perfect steroid to reduce that extra fat, the product is mainly used by bodybuilders and athletes all over the world.

For this post, we are going to give you everything you need to know about crazy bulk.

For this review, we will have a comprehensive guide and let you know about its ingredients and where it’s manufactured so, the nest time you’ll be using the product you will know exactly what to expect. Read on to know more about Crazy Bulk.


What is Crazy Bulk? History and Overview

Crazy bulk is one of the lading and most popular retailers of legal steroids. The manufacturer has been in operation for over a decade, gaining extensive experience in developing quality products.

Crazy bulk is a brand which for years, has dominated the muscle building and the legal steroids market. In the past, athletes craved for a fitter and leaner body, and most of them resorted to using steroids, it was the perfect short-term fix. However, it had adverse side effects.

Crazy bulk is a pioneer in the production of natural supplements for anabolic steroids that would help athletes and bodybuilders achieve their desired results with little or no side effects.

The natural formulas are extensively researched and experimented, which will help you have the best results in bodybuilding.

A majority of anabolic steroids which were very popular during the ’80s is now illegal Crazy Bulk stepped in by producing legal steroids

The company crazy bulk sells a series of legal steroids all made with natural ingredients that mimic the resells and effects of real steroids.

Crazy bulk has a wide variety of product range, all of which are manufactured to perform a particular function, these products can also be stacked together to achieve a specific purpose.

How do they work?

The company claims all of its supplements are 100% legal and natural, well without a comprehensive list of its ingredients; we cannot definitively say it is. Crazy bulk steroids are categorized into two:

Anabolic steroids commonly referred to as anabolic-androgenic steroids which are a synthetic version of the testosterone hormone. When it’s taken regularly, it will increase your muscle mass and overall strength.

The only drawback, it has severe side effects such as acne, high blood pressure, decreased hormone levels, agitation, and so many more.

This side effect is part of the reason why the steroids were classified as Schedule III substances which are illegal to buy/own without a subscription.

There are also steroid precursors in which the body converts into anabolic steroids when ingested. However, in the U.S the only DHEA is the single legal steroid precursor, and you’ll be glad to know most of Crazy Bulk supplements have this ingredient underlining its legitimacy.

Crazy Bulk Customer Reviews

At the time of our research, Crazy Bulk products were advertised and promoted through an affiliate network which often posted fake online customers and reviews intending to mislead the general public and drum up interest in the company.

At the company’s site, there are no links for the company on the Better Business Bureau website. With no terms and conditions, we couldn’t independently verify if the company operates in a different name.

What’s even more puzzling, the company claims to have been in business since 2004, but the company’s URL says otherwise that’s it was registered in July 2014.

Crazy Bulk Products

Crazy bulk has a diverse product catalog; each of the products is tailor-made for a specific function such as bulking, muscle gain, energy enhancement to mentions a few.

We will also provide a brief outline of each of the products to help you know more and understand them.

1. D-Bal

crazybulk dbal

It’s considered one of the most popular products that enhance muscle gain.

D-Bal is also well-known for reducing muscle soreness, increasing testosterone levels, shedding off fat.

The product is also vital in nitrogen retention creating an anabolic nature in the body conducive for muscle growth and gain.

This product is a legal alternative for Dianobol clients have reported gaining muscles twice as faster than regular steroids without much side effects.

The main ingredient used in the production of D-Bal is Suma which also has plenty of compounds such as Ecdysteroids.

Suma plant is an androgenic steroid known for not exerting too much pressure on your body.

For athletes and bodybuilders it important worth noting that the compound is androgenic, which is considered illegal and a doping agent in many sports.

2. Trenorol

Trenerol is the best alternative to the prohibited Trenbolone.

Trenbolone is known for its muscle-building qualities but can also pose some health risk being an anabolic steroid by inhibiting the production of the male hormone testosterone.

Trenerol stimulates the production of red blood cells which increases the uptake of oxygen in the muscles required for energy production, allowing you to work for more extended periods before fatigue sets in.

This product is known for its muscle gain and strength capabilities.

It has a unique formula which is a combination of peptin, beta-sitosterol, nettle leaves, and samento bark which have powerful results with minimal or no side effects.

It allows the body to have higher retention of nitrogen used in the production of protein, enabling your muscles to bulk-up quicker and stronger.

3. Decaduro

Just as its name suggests, it’s a safer and legal steroid alternative to Deca-Durabolin.

Decaduro is made from natural compounds which increases the levels of protein synthesis mimicking the actions of Deca-Durabolin; the only difference is it has no adverse side-effects to the user.

This product is known for boosting recovery speeds and enhancing strength and size.

It also boosts nitrogen levels in your body, increasing the rates at which your body loses fats and grows muscles.

Decaduro stimulates the production of collagen, a vital protein element used in the development of ligaments and tendons.

The connective tissues that maintain the overall integrity and strength of your body needed when working out.

Its main ingredients include L-citrulline, L-arginine, acetyl-L-carnitine, all of which are amino-acids supplements. The product also contains ginseng, wild yam, and Tribulus Terrestris.

4. Clenbutrol


Clenbutrol is a potent fat burner that mimics the performance enhancement and thermogenic capabilities of Clenbuterol anabolic steroids.

The product’s thermogenic effects will assist your body burn and shed extra fat giving you a leaner and fitter muscles with your desired physique.

For proper functioning in your system, Clenbutrol improves the oxygen uptake rate supplied to your body muscles, boosting the performance of your cardiovascular muscles in preparation for a strenuous workout session.

The product also improves your endurance and stamina crucial elements when it comes to bodybuilding.

5. Testo Max

testo max testosterone booster

Testo Max is a Crazy bulk supplement known for boosting stamina, size, and strength. Just as its name, the product is known to increase the number of testosterone levels in your body.

Testosterone is an androgenic substance that increases muscle gain and enhances your overall libido and energy levels.

Testo Max is a blend of different compounds that will boost your testosterone levels. Vitamin K1 and Vitamin D combine as the building blocks of the product. Magnesium and Zinc will promote your sexual health and finally, D-aspartic acid will increase your body’s testosterone levels.

D-aspartic acid is a vital amino-acid ingredient used in the production of luteinizing hormone which spurs the production of testosterone in the body.

6. HGH x2

hgh X2

HGH-X2 is designed to assist your body in the production of HGH – human growth hormone.

These products work with the pituitary gland which releases this compound.

Human growth hormone stimulates and enhances muscle growth and gain in the body as well as shedding off extra fat, giving you a better physique and leaner muscles.

HGH-X2 works well with other crucial amino acids in the body, improving the production and release of HGH hormones.


7. Anadrole


In Crazy Bulk’s website, Anadrole is advertised as being very powerful and effective in boosting strength, size, and stamina.

Anadrole is manufactured to replicate the effects of Anadrol, regarded as one of the strongest androgenic steroids in existence.

Anadrole is known to boost the production of red blood cells bringing more oxygen in your muscles, allowing you to work out for longer hours without fatigue increasing muscle gains and strength.

It contains two active ingredients known for a quick energy boost: Tribulus Terrestris and shilajit. They are all-natural agents that eliminate fatigue.

8. Anvarol


Anvarol is the safer and legal alternative to Anavar. Its core function is to aid in the improvement of energy and body strength levels during your cutting phase.

It also assists your body in the retention of better physique and leaner muscles without too many side-effects.

Anvarolhelps your body cells to produce more adenosine triphosphate a vital element used in the synthesis of mitochondria which provides more energy to your cells for proper functioning.

The product boosts the production phosphocreatine in muscle tissues which retains and regulates muscle mass.

9. Winsol


Water retention is usually a significant problem during the cutting phase. Well, there is a perfect solution; using Winsol a legal alternative for Winstrol.

Winsol is best known for its superior physique, building strength and enhancing performance giving you leaner muscles and improving your athletic capabilities.

It also improves blood flow in your system for more extensive exercise, maintaining overall lean body mass.

Even though, it doesn’t increase testosterone levels; it raises the level of testosterone receptors which massively boosts the production of testosterone.

How is Crazy Bulk Different?

Crazy bulk product is 100% safe and is made from natural ingredients and formulas; they are taken orally. Unlike most anabolic steroids, Crazy Bulk does not have adverse health effects catering for you every need and requirement.

With Crazy Bulk products, there are no legal worries the law is very stringent when it comes to anabolic steroids. Crazy bulk is legal steroids approved by the law, so you needn’t worry about being banned or stopped by the law.

Some of us don’t like injection or pain; most anabolic steroids are injectable, which might be uncomfortable for some people.

Crazy bulk is orally taken, making it even much more convenient and easier and it’s much kinder to your liver.

Crazy Bulk Stacks

Depending on your needs, whether you are cutti1ng, bulking, or both the company has blended some of these products for superior and optimal results.

For every pre-made stack, it mixed with 4 or 5 products. For those who order pre-made stacks, they are quite affordable, and you can save $50-$70 for every purchase. Each stack also comes with their manual for those who don’t know how to use.

  • Ultimate stack- It costs $274.99(instead of 354.99), it’s a combination of all the best crazy bulk products for superior results and performance. This stack combined different supplements to be taken at different times of the day for maximum output and growth. The ultimate stack is a combination of Anadrole, DecaDuro, Teso-Max, Clenbutrol, and D-bal
  • Cutting Stack- Costs $184.99 (instead of 239.99), it will help you have a lean physique with an attractive body by shedding off the excess fat. The stack is a combination of Testo-max, Clenbuterol, Winsol, and Anvarol.
  • Bulking Stack- Costs $179.99 (instead of 229.99),the stack will help boost recovery times, spur massive growth, and also boost your strength. The stack is a combination of Decaduro, Testo-max,D-Bal, and Trenorol.


Crazy Bulk FaQ answered

Are crazy bulk products real steroids?

No, Crazy Bulk is a legal alternative to anabolic steroids. They are very powerful and are made of safe and legal ingredients that give instant results with minimal side effects.

Is crazy bulk legal?

Their products are 100% legal and a perfect alternative.

Do I need a prescription to purchase crazy bulk?

No, a prescription is not required when ordering or purchasing crazy bulk products

Does Crazy Bulk Products have side effects?

No, it’s 100% safe and natural, ensuring users get all the benefits of legal steroids without side effects.


Crazy bulk is a well-known company for producing alternative legal steroids.

Their products will boost your energy levels, grow muscle mass, and enable you to burn more fat quicker with minimal side effects.

The most impressive thing, its products can also be stacked, combining all the ingredients into one, giving you the desired results that you crave for.

If you value your body and want safer and natural products, Crazy Bulk should be at the top of your list. Cheers!

Should you buy Crazy bulk products

Yes absolutely, a crazy bulk range of products is safer made from natural ingredients that will boost and enhance your muscles and strength with no side effects.

The products are safe and legal thus no more worrying about doping bans and visit from authorities.

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