Crazy Bulk Winsol Review: Is It an Efficient Alternative to Winstrol?

Almost every person on this planet is keen on having a perfect physique, or at least they are trying.

It is not surprising to see them working hard in the gym, trying their best to reach their body goals.

This is because physical exercise is an integral part of bodybuilding in the same way as proper nutrition does.

Working out regularly will not be enough without proper nutrition. It applies to weight loss programs and the same in bodybuilding.

You can get your supply of nutrition from the food you eat, but sometimes these are not enough to sustain your body’s daily requirements.

Because of such demand, the popularity of nutritional supplements continued its rise from the last decade to the present.

One of these supplements popular with bodybuilders is Winsol. It claims to be a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid, Winstrol, or popularly known as Stanozolol. It is recommended for muscle-building enthusiasts because it has the same effects as the popular steroid.

If you are looking at Winsol to be a part of your regimen, then you are on the right page.

This review will take an in-depth look at this supplement, its effects, how it works, its benefits, and its side effects. Without further ado, here goes the information you need about Crazy Bulk Winsol.

What is Winsol?crazy bulk winsol bodybuilding

Winsol is manufactured by the company, Crazy Bulk, as a supplementary product for bodybuilding.

You might be familiar with the brand, Crazy Bulk because it is a leading name in the health supplement sector.

Most of their products are focused on supplementing the body with nutrients and less of branding.

According to its manufacturer, this supplement is guaranteed to provide the desired results if combined with rigorous exercise and proper diet in just two months.

If such is true, we will find out.

The product is engineered to mimic the effects of the steroid Winstrol, minus the side effects. This fete is made possible by using only all-natural ingredients.

As you might have known, anabolic steroids are harmful to the body because they have dangerous effects in the long run.

Compared with Winsol, this steroid is now considered illegal and banned for use in many countries.

For this reason, more bodybuilders now turn toWinsol for its positive effects. It is a nutritional supplement and is safe to use for both men and women.

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How Does Winsol Work?

At the back of the bottle of the supplement, you will find a list of its ingredients. What you will notice is all the ingredients are natural and came from organic sources.

Of course, you might be wondering how these ingredients from plants and herbs can give the same results as the powerful steroids. It seems unbelievable for a natural product to work. But many users can attest to its effectiveness.

You know that fat burning is not a simple task. Gaining weight is quite an easy task, but losing them is always an uphill battle.

It’s like going two steps forward and then going back four steps in the opposite direction. This is how the supplement can help.

Winsol can help you shed the unwanted fat and keep it away for good as long as you stick to your regimen.

This supplement work side by side with dieting and training. It acts as an assistant in getting rid of the accumulated fat.

By assisting the body in improving its performance and maintain the results, this supplement can give you an extra hand you need to get the visible results you want for your physique.

But, again, it should be used as a supplement and combined with regular training and a proper diet. It is not a miracle drug, and you have to complete the process.

Results from Consistently Using Winsol

Winsol is engineered as a powerful formula to deliver effects that can help in bodybuilding. Here are the benefits of using this supplement in the body.

1. It maintains the lean muscle mass

There is a phase in bodybuilding called cutting, and during this process, the body tends to lose a lot of muscle mass. The task of keeping muscle mass while losing the fat at the same time is not simple.

It seems like an impossible mission for a bodybuilder. What Winsol does in the body is to keep the muscle mass while hastening the fat loss process, helping you achieve a toned body.

2. It enhances the flow of blood throughout the body

The body can do better if there is an improved blood flow throughout, especially during extensive workouts and when lifting weights.

Optimal blood flow is essential while you are exercising, and Winsol can provide the need boost to improve circulation because it elevates the level of nitric oxide in the body. As a result, you can perform well, mainly when lifting weights.

3. It raises the androgen levels which in turn increases the levels of testosterone receptors

Although it does not directly increase the testosterone levels in males, Winsol helps by increasing the number of receptors for this hormone. Thus, it can indirectly affect testosterone levels.

The receptors we are discussing here is essential because it helps the hormone to penetrate the DNA.

4. It improves strength

One of the reasons why you need a supplement is to boost your strength. Winsol can do this because it is a good power booster. As a result, it improves overall stamina and performance.

Every bodybuilder needs this because it will make them stronger while having a faster recovery period. That means he can lift more weights in more frequent repetition and, in return, increasing muscle mass.

5. It deals with the problem of water retention

One of the biggest deal-breakers when exercising is water retention. It is always the problem because it prevents you from achieving your body goals.

This is the main culprit of why in spite of working hard, you still got that fat and bloated look.

When you lose this unnecessary water from the body, the skin will be tighter, and your muscles will be more pronounced than it has ever been.

Many bodybuilders failed to recognize that water retention is to blame and cannot figure out why they don’t look leaner.

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Who Should Try Using Winsol?

This supplement is made for the serious and dedicated bodybuilder who has established an exercise regimen and is a well-balanced diet.

These are the guys whom you regularly see in the gym, working hard to get the toned physique they want.

It is also for those who want to see improved results and who want to increase their strength.

Who Should Not Take This Supplement?

Winsol is not a magic pill, and there is nothing like that in bodybuilding. If you encounter something that is advertised as such, you should note that it is not safe and may cause serious side effects.

For people who don’t want to diet or workout and expect great results from the supplement, then Winsol is not for you.

It can deliver its promised effects only when you follow a proper diet and if you are exercising regularly. If you are too lazy to do this, then don’t waste your money on Winsol or any other supplement. It cannot help you build muscles.

What are the Ingredients Inside Winsol?

After finding out the many benefits that Winsol can provide, you might be wondering how this product can do all these.

As mentioned above, the natural ingredients inside each capsule are responsible for all these effects.

Five significant components work alongside the other in smaller quantities. Let us take a look at each of them here.

1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine

This ingredient belongs to the group of amino acids that stimulates the fatty acids present in our cells and produces an enormous amount of energy while doing so.

This ingredient is present in many bodybuilding supplements and products because of what it can do to the body.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine aids in burning fats while keeping the muscle mass. In Winsol, there is 555 mg present and helps to remove the body of excess fat while increasing the volume of lean muscle mass.

Another essential contribution of this ingredient is in muscle recovery. In high-intensity workouts, the body can lose its energy and feel fatigued. But, thanks to this ingredient, the body will be able to recover quickly.

2. Wild Yam Root

Wild yam is popular among athletes and bodybuilders for its boost in testosterone production. Testosterone is a vital hormone in males as it is responsible for bringing the manly changes in them.

It is also essential in building muscle mass and achieving a well-toned physique. This plant contains diosgenin that helps in testosterone production. Aside from increasing muscle mass, it also enhances libido and sexual drive.

3. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

This ingredient is vital in Winsol because it helps you maintain your focus while working out. One of the essential benefits of DMAE is mental stability.

It produces chemicals in the brain to enhance our learning capacity, concentrate, and improve our short-term memory. It can also help prevent the rapid deterioration of the brain’s cognitive functions as you age.

4. Choline

This is a water-soluble substance that is not a vitamin nor a mineral. It is developed in our livers but in small quantities. The other possible source of choline in our diet.

Choline is responsible for liver functions, muscle movement, and development of the nervous system. It also prevents liver damage and promotes lipid metabolism.

5. Sunflower Oil in Powder Form

Sunflower oil helps in burning fat and increasing muscle mass. As such are the goals of a bodybuilder, this ingredient is vital in achieving this goal.

Apart from these five ingredients, each capsule of Winsol contains the following ingredients in small quantities:

  • Silica
  • Lactose
  • Rice Concentrate
  • Gelatin
  • Maltodextrin
  • Vegetable Stearate

Side Effects of Taking Winsol

We have mentioned that Winsol is an all-natural product, and based on the ingredients we have enumerated, there is less chance of any dangerous side effects unless you are allergic to any one of these ingredients.

The feedback for this product is mostly positive. However, to get the desired body that you want, it should be accompanied by physical workout and diet plans accordingly.


Winsol is an excellent supplement that provides numerous health benefits that you cannot find in any other supplement.

The fact that it can offer the same results as its steroid counterpart in a legitimate and non-threatening way is a bonus.

So, if you are serious about bodybuilding and want to see results, you will not be disappointed if you use this supplement.

We advise you to follow the suggested use and make sure that you follow an exercise and diet program to get the body you want.

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