9 Effective Ways To Lose Weight In Your Face

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Losing weight in any part of the body can be sometimes tricky.

You have to put in the extra work, and follow useful tips to get the result you seek.

However, many males and females don’t feel comfortable when they look in the mirror to find that their chin looks bloated and fuller.

If you are one of them, then you need to learn how to lose weight in your face naturally.

It doesn’t have to be done through surgery.

So, are you eager to lose weight in your face? You can lose weight without the help of the following tips.

lose weight in your face

1. Use Facial Exercise to lose weight.

Facial exercise can help you lose weight in the face, but you must be consistent with your workout to benefit from it.

Facial exercise also has the power to improve your facial appearance, muscle strength and even combat aging which you may find as wrinkles on your face.

What does the report say about facial exercise for weight loss?

The face has about 43 muscles that need toning for it to look slimmer. Anecdotal reports have also claimed that regular facial exercise can help tone these facial muscles and indeed make the face to appear thinner.

So if you want to lose facial fat then, get into the happy of performing the right facial exercise.

What are the favorite facial exercises?

You may have been doing these exercises without even taking note. They include puffing out the cheeks and also pushing air from one side to the other.

Puckering the lips from one side to the other and holding your smiley face while clenching the teeth at the same time.

You can perform this for as many seconds as you want to get the effect.

Performing these facial exercises for weight loss can help you to build your facial muscle tone in no time.

How long should facial muscle exercises be?

You can perform different facial muscle exercise at least twice daily. It should also last for eight weeks so that you can reap the entire benefits of this workout.

Facial exercise will also not only improve the thickness of your facial muscles, but the rejuvenation of your face is also possible.

Have in mind that enough research is needed to ascertain the effectiveness of these facial exercises on how they result in fat loss. We hope in the future there would be further studies that will broaden our understanding of how exercises work.

facial exercises


Examples of facial exercises to lose fat

  • Gargle exercise
  • Sugar-free gum chewing
  • Smiling fish
  • Rotating tongue
  • Blow balloons
  • Moving jaws
  • Puffy cheeks
  • Face stretch

2. Stay away from face bloaters

Face weight loss is something you can achieve naturally. You don’t always need to consider surgery for things like this. First, understand that something causes your fat or bloating face.

And that something is no other but the things you consume on a daily basis. Surprisingly, they all add up to your system, and just the way might end up gaining weight in other parts of your body, developing face fat is also possible.

Examples of face bloaters are sugar, salt, and alcohol.

When you consume these foods in excess amount, you may likely end up having a fuller face. They can cause body tissues in other parts of your body including the one on your face to retain water.

Reduce your intake of salt. If you take too much salt, there is a tendency that bloating might show up on your face. Fluid retention a product of excess salt is what contributes to facial swelling or puffiness.

And if you are someone who is more sensitive to sodium intake, it would be difficult to escape this condition.

To lower sodium intake, try to avoid processed foods as much as you can.

The majority of your sodium intake comes from this savory snacks, convenience foods and processed meats consumed on a daily basis.

Tips: To reduce sodium intake

  • Get the salt shaker off the table
  • Always put a little salt in your meals
  • Check to know the salt content before buying any processed food
  • Choose processed foods that are labeled salt-free

How can you prevent yourself from having a fuller face?

The answer to this question isn’t farfetched. The best way to avoid having a fuller face is to stay away from the face-bloaters above.

You should also improve on the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. The reason is that whenever you become dehydrated, your body will become more open to retaining water that would flow through it.

3. Perform aerobic during workoutscardio for weight loss on face

If you are hoping to lose fat in the face then, consider including cardio in your workout routine.

You will discover that the extra fat, in most cases builds up in your face, is a result of the excess body fat you had developed.

So when you engage in exercises or activities that would make you decrease body fat, your face will also benefit from that too.

Is the cardio exercise that useful for a facial fat loss?

First, understand that aerobic exercises can increase the heart rate.

That is why they are considered highly practical and recommended for individuals looking to lose a significant amount of weight naturally.

Cardio exercises can help increase the fat burning process and fat loss altogether.

Many studies have also demonstrated that individuals who engage in these exercises are likely to lose a significant amount of weight during the process.

How long should one perform cardio workout to lose weight?

Try to get at most 2 and a half hour or 5 hours of cardio workout every week. And alternate between moderate and vigorous exercises. Examples of cardio exercise that you can perform are walking, biking, running and even swimming.

4. Increase water consumptionwater face weight loss

Water offers enormous benefits and can improve your health in many ways.

And if you are eager to shed that annoying facial fat then, you need to make water consumption a vital part of your daily routine.

Water has the power to keep you feeling satisfied and full for an extended period.

It can also enhance and promote your weight loss effort.

Water is essential to weight loss, and there is no doubt about that.

Many studies have confirmed how individuals can lose weight following the consumption of water over time.

According to the reviews, when you continuously drink water during breakfast, your calorie intake is likely to decrease by a considerable percentage.

Also, your metabolism can also improve when you drink enough water.

And, as earlier mentioned, when you stay hydrated all through the day, fluid retention which can cause bloating face, is likely going to decrease drastically.

5. Address issues of food intolerances

If you are looking for how to lose weight in your face without tackling conditions that give rise to these issues in the first place then, you might never stop having a fuller look.

Conditions like food allergies can cause you to develop a fuller face.

In fact, people who have this gluten sensitivity, as well as irritable bowel syndrome, complain of having fuller faces most of the time.

Does irritable bowel syndrome always cause bloating?

Understand that bloating is a sign that tells you that something is wrong with the digestive system.

And according to health professionals, the reason why irritable bowel syndrome leads to bloating is unclear. However, the best way to tackle this condition which can cause puffiness in the face is to seek medical help.

6. Try the hot towel treatment

There are many ways to lose facial fat naturally.

One of them is the hot towel treatment which is active and comfortable for everyone looking to achieve a slimmer looking face.

The heated towel treatment can cause the skin on the face to sweat profusely. In fact, it is used in facial beauty treatments and is essential for several reasons. It does not only rejuvenate but tightens the skin on one’s face.

This hot towel treatment provides the kind of steam that can reduce facial fat.

To use it for facial fat loss, boil a reasonable amount of water in a clean pan. But ensure that it cools down a little bit before even using it to touch your face.

If the water is too hot, you might get burnt or cause the face to have a scare.

What should I do with the boiled water on my face?

Immediately the boiled water cools down a bit, put a clean towel in it. Take the towel out and squeeze to the point where there is only a little water left in it.

After pressing, place on your face area with more fat. Use the towel to touch every part of your face, not only one area. You should also stop when you feel the water is no longer as hot as you want.

When should one perform this treatment?

You can carry out the hot water treatment at any time of the day. However, it is most effective when done before bedtime. Also, you can perform this treatment five times or more daily.

7. Try the clay mask treatment.clay mask treatment

The clay mask is useful for many things. If your skin is acne-prone or oily then, opting for a clay mask can help address the problem.

It has also been established that this treatment can increase the levels of collagen on the skin when applied from time to time.

And since it helps to tighten the skin, there is also a high tendency that it might help prevent sagging of the skin too.

How can clay mask help facial weight loss?

A clay mask can help to absorb the excess water and oil, beneath your skin.

And this process is carried out or better explained through a process called osmosis. Wearing a natural clay mask can give the face a slimmer look.

How often should one make use of the clay mask?

You don’t have to apply the clay mask every week. Try to use it at least twice every week. You can also combine proper facial massage with the clay mask.

8. The cucumber peel mask

Cucumber has tons of nutritional benefits, and can also help your facial fat loss effort in many ways.

By applying the mask to your face, you can reduce your bloated face and cause the face to look slimmer.

This treatment will also make the skin on your face refreshed and youthful.

How should you apply the cucumber peel mask?

The cucumber mask is simple to apply. Just get a fresh cucumber and create a past out of it.

You can then use the past on your face from time to time.

Cucumber peel mask can also take care of any swelling of your face has and produces a cooling effect that you would love to have on your skin too.

9. Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is good for many things. It is an excellent skin cleanser and serves as a natural moisturizer. Another thing it offers is improving the skin’s resilience because of its rich vitamin E content.

Coconut oil applied on the skin can help to keep the skin hydrated which is a vital factor for maintaining the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Another way you can utilize coconut oil besides applying it on your skin is to add it to your meals.


To make your face slimmer, learn how to lose weight from your face with ease.

These are natural processes and steps you can take to make your face leaner. They can help you restore your slimmer-looking facial look even with undergoing surgery. But remember to be consistent with any of the above treatments.

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