Fact or Fiction: Is Thrive Patch a Real Weight Loss Solution?

Losing weight is always a struggle. Despite sticking religiously to an exercise plan and a strict diet, sometimes it is hard to see results.

Even when we do have positive results, the weight can quickly come back in.

For those of are trying hard to lose weight and is tired of this cycle, maybe it’s time to try something new.

There is a new way introduced that can help you, and it is not a powder or a pill. In fact, it is a non-intrusive method to lose weight. It’s called Thrive Patch.

The concept is unusual because this weight loss product is a patch that you will apply to your skin.

And although it is unconventional, it does have its users. Since it is another product worth looking into, this Thrive patch review is going into an in-depth look at the product, what it offers, and whether it is likely to work.

What is Thrive Patch?thrive patch

Thrive Patch is a weight-loss item that you put onto the skin like what you would do with plaster.

This product is available as part of the lifestyle plan of the company Le-Vel.

The company is promoting an 8-week lifestyle system which they call the Thrive experience.

The company that promotes Thrive is an online marketing venture that sells its products through cloud technology.

Their presence is felt more in social media channels where they advertise aggressively.

There are many products in this lifestyle plan, including the premium capsules, shake mix, and lifestyle DFT which is equipped with fusion 2.0 technology. It is the latter that we are more interested in. The word DFT stands for Derma Infusion Technology.

You can use the patch as a stand-alone product, but according to the company, the results are far more significant when you used it as part of the “Thrive experience.”

It only means that you must buy the pills and shakes to supplement your diet. The company promotes this experience as the peak of mental and physical levels.

There are three versions of the patch: the original, the DFT Ultra and the Black Label DFT. The difference between the three is in its size and formulations.

The Ultra has slightly larger (82%) surface and a little stronger formula. On the other hand, the Black Label DFT is the newest and is designed to work more effectively with other Thrive products.

What’s in Thrive Patch?

The patch has herbal ingredients that are absorbed by the body through the skin. It is recommended to wear the patch for 24 hours, and during this period, the ingredients are actively passing through the skin and work on the body.

Here are the ingredients, both natural and commercial, that are in every Thrive patches.

This is a trademarked ingredient made from the root extract of Forskolin or Coleus forskohlii. The concentration of this component in each product is in 1,20,40, 95, and 98%. In soft gel products, the strength is in 10 and 20%.

Unfortunately, the company did not disclose the concentration of Forskolin in the patches, but it is most likely the same as in soft gels.

The extract from Coleus forskohlii contains an enzyme called Adenylate cyclase, which is also abundant in the body. This enzyme is responsible for regulating the cells and is used in ancient medicine in treating a variety of ailments.

There are many studies about this ingredient on its effect on weight loss or weight gain. One research has shown that it has little effect on weight loss, but it can help prevent weight gain. Another study has the opposite result, which only means that further research is needed.

This ingredient is another proprietary component of the Thrive patch created from piperine. It is derived from the molecule in black pepper, and its role is to protect the cells from harmful enzymes.

Piperine can improve bioavailability or the capacity of the body to absorb the nutrients and drugs through the skin. A perfect characteristic if it is used for a weight loss patch.

Many studies support the effectiveness of Cosmoperine. It is used in many products that helped the participants to absorb an anti-inflammatory drug and help decrease the diffusion of the drug by about 20 minutes.

Another study on bioavailability concludes that it can improve the absorption of forskolin, which means that it is perfect to combine with Forslean.

Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans that are not roasted yet. Because they have not undergone the roasting process yet, they have high chlorogenic acid content.

This acid has many health benefits hence, you can find them in many weight loss products.

One study on laboratory rats revealed that when you introduce chlorogenic acid on their system, they have an increase in the ability to burn fats, which has resulted in weight loss.

It can also improve the animal’s fat metabolism and is effective in reducing obesity.

In humans, a study conducted on the effects of different types of coffee from regular to chlorogenic acid enriched coffee.

It was found that the latter changes the way the body can absorb the sugars. It is also found to be a stimulant but with a lower dose of caffeine.

This fruit is found in all tropical regions, and its extract is known to have positive effects on weight loss. The main ingredient found in Garcinia cambogia is hydroxy citric acid.

This can act as an appetite suppressant, which gives us a feeling of fullness. Because it is safe and has no side effects, it is safe to use.

The results on studies as to whether Garcinia cambogia can directly affect weight loss are conflicting though. This means that further studies are needed to confirm their efficacy as a weight loss ingredient.

This is also known as coenzyme 10, which is a naturally occurring molecule present in our body. This enzyme is responsible for turning calories into energy.

It is also an essential ingredient for a healthy heart as it can prevent blood clots and has an antioxidant property to protect it from the damage of free radical cells.

Some bodybuilding supplements contain CoQ10 too because it can improve the performance. It affects physical activity as they can exercise longer than without supplementation.

  • White Willow Bark

This is an herbal medicine used since ancient times; white willow bark can relieve fever, inflammation, and pain. In today’s application, the list expands to treating back pain, headaches, and osteoporosis.

Its importance among athletes and weight loss contenders is primarily on its ability to relieve pain. Without pain, they can do more exercise, and without muscle inflammation.

The role it plays on the Thrive patch is not clear, although the white willow bark is effective and safe to use.

  • Limonene

This is a compound derived from lemons and has many health benefits. Some studies suggest they can promote weight loss and has an impact on blood sugar levels. However, there is no further proof of its effects on humans.

  • Aloe Vera

This plant is naturally common among weight loss supplements because of the popularity of the Clean 9 Diet. But there is no evidence that it is effective.

The only role that Aloe Vera can play is as a laxative if given in the right doses, and it should be taken as a juice. The amount of Aloe Vera present in Thrive patches is not revealed and it most likely in lower doses.

  • L-Arginine

This ingredient is an amino acid that is commonly present in weight loss supplements. However, the studies to support their role are given in large doses, and when we talk about its presence in patches, the amount is very minimal.

How Does Thrive Patch Work?

Weight loss patches like this product work on the skin by absorption. Meaning, your skin must absorb the ingredients instead of taking them orally. Once you put on the patch, you can resume your normal activities and let it stay for 24 hours.

This Thrive weight-loss patch has become popular because it is very convenient to use. There is no need to remind yourself to take the supplement at the right time or take it with you when you are outside.

There is no discomfort too like upset stomach as you would have when you take supplements because the ingredients pass through the skin.

These patches are made with natural ingredients and existing nutrients to encourage weight loss. It has natural stimulants like the green coffee bean extract that contributes to weight loss.

It also has other components that can help speed up the metabolism and encourages the body to burn calories faster. It can also act as an appetite suppressant and helps prevent the body from converting carbohydrates into fats.

does thrive patch work

The Effectiveness of DFT

The researches that support the effectiveness of any of the ingredients in these patches are not enough, and therefore, the effect of this technology remains inconclusive.

Since it is unclear on how much of each of the ingredient is present in the patch or whether they are enough is not determined too.

The dermal fusion technology is also not yet studied thoroughly, so we can say how effective it is in delivering the active ingredients from the patch to the skin.

What are the Side Effects of Using Thrive Patches?

According to the company website, there are no known side effects from using this weight loss patch. However, it is not advisable for use if the person is lactating or pregnant.

There are some anecdotal reports on different forums and websites about the product though that suggest there are possible side effects. Most of these complaints include nausea, stomach cramps, anxiety, headaches, palpitation, and anxiety.

Reviews and Complaints About the Thrive Patchthrive patch results

The reviews on Thrive patches are opposing sides.

There are those who are saying that they benefitted from the product, and there are those who experienced no significant change when they used the product.

Other complaints about getting mild or unpleasant side effects.

What is common among the users is they are saying the patches gave them energy boos.

This feeling allows them to exercise more and increase their physical activity. When you have more physical activity, this alone can help you lose weight.

Others are claiming the using the patches can help in relieving pain due to inflammation. This occurs in people with joint pain or arthritis — a result which most probably came from the white willow bark.

The Pros and Cons of Using Thrive Patch

This product has polarizing reviews and remains inconclusive when it comes to its effectiveness. However, here are the advantage and disadvantage of using this product.


  • It is an innovative method
  • Most of the active ingredients are found in weight loss supplements
  • It is made from all-natural ingredients


  • There is no direct study to claim its effectiveness
  • The way of selling the product is not straightforward
  • The company has no other popular product
  • Some components are not suitable for people with sensitivity

Thrive Patch: Final Verdict

Thrive patch claims to help in weight loss and improve metabolism, brain function, digestive health, and appetite management. However, the product is ambiguous.

Although some of the ingredients are common in other weight loss supplements, there is not enough research and studies on how these ingredients can work on the patches. It is also not clear whether dermal fusion technology can deliver the ingredients into our body system or not.

The method of selling this product is also dubious because it is only available through multi-level marketing. In this method, the people who are using the product are also selling the products.

So, you should take the raving reviews with a grain of salt. There is a big difference between a sales pitch and a genuine recommendation; you should be able to know it.

However, we cannot discount the fact that the whole Thrive plan may help people kickstart their new healthy lifestyle or maybe it is a sales gimmick. We can never really tell.

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