Provacyl Review 2022: Does it work or not?

Last Updated on July 11, 2022

Contrary to popular belief that only women suffer from menopause at different phases of their lives, men also go through this.

Just like women go through the irritating and uncomfortable period, its also quite the same form men as they pass through andropause.

As age continues to advance or contract chronic diseases, our bodies will not produce a sufficient amount of testosterone or HGH hormones that are vital for the proper functioning of the body.

To avoid this, its recommended by scientists and medical practitioners to take human growth hormone supplements to counteract this problem.

There are plenty of HGH manufacturers on the market that claims to provide instant solutions within the shortest amount of period which can be misleading especially for those who don’t know what they are looking for.

Well, the good news is; if you are looking for the best and premium quality human growth hormones you’ve come to the right place.

For this Provacyl review, we are going to have a thorough discussion of the supplement, how it works, its benefits, side effects, cost & price and so much more. So, let’s dive in right away!

What is Provacyl?


Provacyl is an all-natural male supplement that is designed to slow down the aging process making them feel young and alive while regaining their vitality allowing them to go about their normal daily activities without hindrance.

The dietary supplement is also tailor-designed to stimulate the production of testosterone and provide support to the male reproductive system and provide optimal performance-enhancing their sexual lives and those of their partners.

The supplement is a unique formula of amino acids and herbs that blend in together to produce immense benefits, especially to the male population.

Provacyl is manufactured by Leading Edge Health one of the pioneers in the male health sector by providing innovative solutions that will improve and enhance the general well-being and health of men.

Benefits of Provacyl

  • Enhanced sexual performance

The dietary supplement will improve your sexual drive and libido, one of its potent ingredients L-Arginine will enhance blood circulation due to the widening of blood vessels which means that you will be able to hard and long-lasting erections

The nutritional supplement is also a testosterone booster that will improve your sexual drive enabling you to transform and rejuvenate your sex life for the better.

  • Improved strength and physical stamina

Gingko Bilboa a potent ingredient of the supplement is a critical component that will boost your energy naturally.

With improved energy, men will be able to endure difficult and strenuous workouts and reduce recovery times improving your stamina producing leans muscle mass, and a well-built physique.

With sufficient levels of testosterone and HGH hormones, you will start to experience youthfulness slowly creeping back.

  • Tackle effects of andropause

Studies carried out have shown Provacyl is effective and vital in fighting effects that come with advanced age. People who’ve used this supplement benefit from and improved and better immune system, provide better memory, and reduce depression.

Amino acid L-glutamine will improve the development and multiplication of growth cells making you look and feel young.

  • Increased lean muscles mass

Regular use of Provacyl spur the growth and development of muscle tissues, with improved levels of testosterone your body will be able to bulk-up giving you a fit and well-toned body.

The widening of blood vessels comes with an increased amount of oxygen to the blood vessels allowing you to work out for more extensive and prolonged workout sessions allowing your body to develop lean muscle mass.

  • Improve overall appearance and health

Sex and energy play an important role in our lives, the dietary supplement will tackle all the andropause effects such as erectile dysfunction or low energy making you feel nice and good about yourself.

Users have also reported clearer and smoother skin, with wellness and feel good factors; your body will release feel-good hormones enabling you to experience wholeness and wellness.

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Provacyl Ingredients

Provacyl is manufactured with the freshest and finest ingredients that have been proven to work without adverse side effects to your body. Some of the ingredient used in this supplement include:

It’s an amino acid that assists the body to combat stress, L-Glutamine is vital in raising the basal metabolic rate, cell growth and division, and maintenance of muscle mass. The ingredient also boosts mental alertness and boost energy.

Research has also shown that L-Glutamine lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and improve your immunity.

Scientific research has shown that L-Arginine will boost HGH production up to three times, the ingredient will also enable you to endure high-intensity workouts, as well as short-duration exercises.

Our bodies do not naturally produce L-Arginine; thus, we can only get them from foods and dietary supplements. It has multiple health benefits such as improve male fertility, boost immunity, promote healing and so much more.

  • L-Lysine 60mg

When Lysine is combined with Arginine has been known to be more powerful and potent that when taken alone. Not only will it boost your genital function but also improve immunity.

  • L-Glycine 60mg

Glycine is a stimulant which signals to the pituitary gland to produce more human growth hormones. The component also has a calming effect on the brain which plays a key role in a healthy prostate.

  • L-Tyrosine 60mg

Tyrosine enables the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine, an important hormone used to combat depression and fatigue. It also promotes healthy metabolism as well as regulate growth.

  • Gaba 40mg

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter that assists the nerve impulses to move through the synapses allowing for better communication having a positive effect in our nervous system.

GABA also has been known to improve the production of human growth hormones.

It’s a flowering shrub found in the Amazon rainforest, the indigenous people used it to improve libido and combat erectile dysfunction due to its aphrodisiac effects.

Muira Puama is also used to stimulate the nervous system as well as manage stress. The ingredient also boosts testosterone production.

  • Ginkgo Biloba 120mg

It’s one of the oldest species originating from Asia, Gingko enhances the tone of blood vessels that treats sexual problems and difficulties due to improving blood circulation.

Its antioxidant properties promote disease prevention, scientific studies have also shown evidence that Gingko mitigates the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Chaste berry has been used for centuries to boost breast milk and menstrual problems, it’s also used as a tonic for the female and male reproductive system. There has been strong scientific evidence that Chaste Berry influences the pituitary gland to enhance the production and release of testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

  • Acai Fruit 100mg

It grows on Palm trees in the Amazon rainforest, it’s used as a staple food by the indigenous people due to its antioxidant properties making it very powerful in preventing diseases and boosting immunity.

  • Panax Ginseng 100mg

Its commonly found in South East Asia, its usage can be traced back 5000 years ago as it was commonly used for medicinal purposes. Ginseng has proven to be very effective in combating physical and mental stress, fatigue, depression, insomnia.

The ingredient is also known to boost immunity, enhance mental awareness, and well as boost mental alertness.

  • Swedish Flower Pollen 40mg

Swedish Flower Pollen is a vital source of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that power our bodies providing us with the energy that we need.

It has also been known to provide prostate support, protect the liver, cholesterol regulation, and boost urine flow.

  • Long Jack (Tongkat) 25mg

Long jack is well known for its aphrodisiac, antimalarial and anti-diabetic properties. Studies have shown that it also improves libido especially in men as well as promotes the production of testosterone which leads to improving muscle strength and mass.

  • Soy Phytosterol Complex 25mg

Soy Phytosterol Complex is a plant-based fat that’s similar to animal fat cholesterol, even though structurally it’s similar to fat cholesterol; the ingredient has been known to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

It also improves urine flow in the prostate as well as promotes the activation of pancreatic beta cells which boost insulin production in our bodies.

  • Anterior Pituitary 30mg

It influences the pituitary gland to be more effective and produce as well as release more growth hormones onto the blood system. It also said to combat age-related issues such as poor muscle tone.

  • DHEA 20mg

It’s normally produced in our bodies in the adrenal gland which is later on converted to androgen. DHEA is known to boost immunity as well as protect men against heart-related ailments in men.

One of the most potent abilities of DHEA is to be able to improve the quality of life of the elderly by enhancing their energy levels as well as the ability to manage stress.

  • Hypothalamus 10mg

The hypothalamus supplement provides nutrition to the hypothalamus which controls and regulates our behaviors complementing endocrine functions such as regulation of body water and temperature, production of the thyroid, sex, and growth hormones.

Does Provacyl works?

The main reason why a majority of us buy human growth hormone supplements is to experience the full health benefits that come with it. So, the most important question is does Provacyl work?

To answer your question is Yes! The supplement contains a unique dietary formula and ingredients that are packed with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that have been proven to provide our bodies with a host of health benefits.

But for optimal results, its recommended to exercise and adhere to a strict diet regimen. Those users who adhere to this will experience tremendous results.

How to use Provacyl?

For those who want to experience the full benefits of Provacyl, you have to follow the laid-out instructions. For maximum efficiency, it’s always recommended taking two capsules daily with a meal and glass of water.

Why you need Provacyl?

Provacyl dietary supplement is meant for those who cannot enjoy their normal and vibrant lives as a result of the depleted amount of human growth hormones in their bodies.

One of the key uses of Provacyl is tackling andropause making them feel young and alive.

The product is just not limited to age as it can also be used by men who want to increase the level of testosterone hormones in their bodies.

Provacyl results

Clients who use Provacyl come from different parts of the world and a majority of them have reported positive side effects. The dietary supplement has been known to counter the aging process making its users feel younger and healthier like their original self.

Users have also noted improved sexual lives due to enhanced sexual drive and longer erection allowing them to enjoy the orgasmic sexual experience with their partners.

Men who’ve consumed Provacyl have also reported a drastic increase in the lean muscle mass, endurance levels and improve mental alertness improving their quality of life.

Money-back Guarantee

Leading Edge Health prides itself on producing high-quality and safe products for its clientele. The firm offers a 67-days money-back guarantee after purchase providing you with all the confidence when using this product.

If by any chance you aren’t satisfied with this product, you can return the empty containers within the 67 days for a full refund minus the shipping charges.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is Provacyl Legal?

Yes, it’s legal. The dietary works by increasing your HGH and testosterone naturally and healthily.

Can children take Provacyl?

Those under the age of 18 years are prohibited from taking this nutritional supplement. Men who are aged between 30-40 years are the ones who start to experience andropause effects, thus allowed to take Provacyl to counter this.

Where to we get HGH?

Provacyl is a powerful blend of ingredients that will stimulate your pituitary gland naturally to produce and release the growth hormones making it 100% safe and natural.


Provacyl is one of the best and safe human growth hormone supplements as well as a testosterone booster that will transform your life for the better making you feel young and alive.

The dietary supplement is made of 100% natural and safe product ensuring you experience no side effects.

If you are looking for a growth hormone supplement, then Provacyl should be at the top of your list.

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